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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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eyewitness news in high definition. i've come really well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> big bird didn't even see it coming. >> it's a side of the presidential candidates we haven't seen before. the good cause that had president obama and governor romney trading barbs for laughs. good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. tonight we saw something we don't usually see on the campaign trail. as elizabeth cook shows us, instead of going at each other, president obama and mitt romney went after some laughs. it was kind of nice, liz. >> reporter: on tuesday, sparks were flying on one of the wildest debates we've ever seen. >> hold on a second. >> the -- >> i -- mr. president, i'm still speaking. >> i -- >> mr. president, let me finish. >> reporter: well, tonight the candidates put all that aside and they were actually pretty
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funny. >> big bird didn't even see it coming. >> just the other day, honey boo boo endorsed me, so that's a big relief. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney took a break from their contentious campaign for a night of laughs, at a new york charity event. they poked fun at themselves. >> usually when i get invited to gatherings like this, it's just to be the designated driver. >> there are worse things that can happen to you on your anniversary than forgetting to buy a gift. take note, gentlemen. >> reporter: and at each other. >> in the spirit of sesame street, the president's remarks are brought to you by the letter o and the no. 16 trillion. >> earlier today, i went shopping at some stores in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. >> we're down to the final months of the president's term,
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as president. as president obama surveys the waldorf banquet room, you have to wonder what he's thinking. so little time. so much to redistribute. >> the candidates appeared at the alfred e. smith memorial dinner, a white tie catholic charity fund-raiser. >> nice to final relax and to wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> actually, mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name. >> reporter: the dinner has been a traditional stop for presidential candidates for more than half a century. alfred smith was the first catholic presidential candidate and a former governor of new york. tonight, both candidates got laughs talking about their first two debates. >> i'm glad to be able to join
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in this venable tradition. of course, i'm pleased that the president is here. we were chatting pleasantly this evening, as if tuesday night never happened. >> i feel really well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> reporter: don't expect much laugher the next time the candidates share the same room. the final debate is in florida. >> the governor is spending nearly all of his political capital on proposition 30. today a reporter from our sister station in sacramento asked him point-blank why californians should vote to raise their own taxes. >> how do you pass a new tax when people are having a hard time paying for gas and paying for their mortgages? >> well, most of the money will come from the very highest income earners, so to ask those who have so much to give one or two or three percent more for seven years to help us as our
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economy comes back, i think it's morally right. i think it's practical. >> the governor says prop 30 would prevent $6 billion in cuts to education. it would temporarily raise the income tax on the state's highest earners and the state's sales tax by a quarter percent. we already have the highest sales tax in the nation. the bay area's foremost meteor man was on duty when the space rocks started flying. tonight, for the first time, he is sharing his exclusive new video with cbs 5 reporter kiet do. >> reporter: never mind all that amateur stuff. this video of the great bay area fireball of 2012 is the real deal, straight from nasa. the meteor was so bright it blew out the exposure on the research cameras. the scientists can still use it to calculate its speed, size and ultimately where it landed.
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nasa researcher peter is one of the country's top meteor experts and captured the event on a network of computers and highly sensitive cameras. this is one of three bay area sites designed to record meteor showers. >> each is pointing different directions in the sky. >> reporter: he says it was traveling at more than eight miles per second. it entered the atmosphere off the coast of monterey, heading northeast and made landfall somewhere in the north bay. >> all i'm hoping is this orbit will find a little piece on the ground, a piece that somebody kinds that we can then trace back to where it may have come from in space. >> reporter: meteor hunters were out in force, all looking to get rich. >> i've got a pretty good idea of where i might find some fragments. i could be wrong. >> can you share that information with us? [ laughing ] >> what, take away from my pocketbook or what? i've got children to feed.
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>> reporter: he says finding the meteorite fragments is key. >> the story about our origins, how the earth was formed, how life originated on our planet, those are the questions that interest us. >> reporter: and the researchers say every little bit of video helps in their calculation. so if you have a security camera, check the surveillance footage. if you captured it on video, e- mail it to them. not a good night for the giants. they got their clocks cleaned in game 4 of the nlcs. >> sandoval hits one into right. >> the giants score two runs in the ninth inning, but it wasn't enough to rally. st. louis wins it 8-3. the giants last chance to stay alive is tomorrow. and coming up in sports, dennis
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o'donnell is in st. louis and he'll have reaction from the giants' clubhouse. still really nice outside. meteorologist paul deanno with the records broken today. >> four different records. still 70's right now. 89 today for redwood city. oakland, four degrees above the previous record at 87. concord hit 87 degrees. we have some changes not only temperature wise. an area teenager was one badge away from becoming an eagle scout when he was kicked out for being gay. he decided to fight back, the only way he knew how. >> reporter: three boxes, 400,000 signatures from around the world, hand delivered to the boy scouts, by a troop
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member, denied the scout's highest honor because he's guy. ryan andresen still wears his uniform, despite being kicked out on the verge of becoming an eagle scout. he and his parents do want their local chapter to change their policy against gay scouts. officially, the boy scouts of america have a don't ask, don't tell policy on sexual orientation. but we find out some chapters quietly bend the rules for gay scouts. >> this hope is that this council will join in dozens if not hundreds of other councils and many other troops that have already openly decided to put aside the policy. >> reporter: but a policy change may not come easily. after meeting briefly with the family behind closed doors, the scouts stood firm. >> the response back was pretty much the same, this is a
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national policy, we are told to follow the national policy. >> reporter: for ryan, that's no deterrent. he received an honor today from a fellow scout. >> i still hope he gets his own, but if he doesn't, he'll at least get mine. >> reporter: he's received many more eagle pens and for now, that's enough. >> i feel very hopeful. i think change is gradual. >> reporter: christin ayers, cbs 5 eyewitness news. and tonight, in an unrelated event, boy scouts of america are apologizing to victims and their families for their response to sex abuse allegations. today, more than 14,000 pages of files kept secret by the boy scouts of america were made public. the so-called perversion files. they detail sexual abuse by scout leaders around the country for decades. an oregon court ordered those files released. the boy scouts's president says the organization has taken
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great strides to prevent future abuse. i was shocked. my son is not responsible for funding his education. >> what a california school is accused of doing to make students squeeze money out of their parents. and they look real, but it turns out almost 40% are fake. how yelp is going undercover and making it easier for you to spot phony reviews. it's definitely one of the greatest moments of sports history. >> i got it back and scored. >> next thing i knew, i was down. the four seconds that redefined the cal-stanford rivalry. remembering the play, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,, thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me?
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wrapping paper to raise mon. raise money. but one california school is accusef requiring kids to ask for donations, o many students sell candy or wrapping paper to raise money. but one california school is accused of requiring kids to ask for donations or risk getting a bad agreed. a mother whose son attends the los angeles county high school for the arts says students were given homework requiring them to ask their family and friends for donations. she says students were given a script of what to say and had to provide proof that they sent
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out at least ten requests. >> there has to be something illegal about grading a student based on how much money they can bring in or even proof that they are out soliciting donation. this is a public school. >> the school is tuition free and receives state funding. the district says the fund- raising effort was supposed to be part of the walk for the arts, organized by a volunteer group of parents. and it is looking into the matter. whether you are looking for a new restaurant to try or a hotel to stay in, lots of people use yelp. but it turns out many online reviews that look real are quite fake. cbs 5 reporter julie watts shows us how yelp is going undercover to keep companies from gaming the system. >> how often do you use online reviews? >> every day, all the time. >> do you trust those online reviews? >> um... um... >> reporter: it seems everybody uses them, but they don't
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necessarily trust them. >> would you be surprised to hear that four out of ten online reviews are phony? >> oh, i believe it. >> reporter: well, in an effort to change that, yelp is going undercover. >> we saw ads on places like craigslist and others, advertising, please write reviews and i'll pay you. >> reporter: so in a sort of sting operation, yelp employees responded to the ads, which offer consumers as much as $200 in exchange for great reviews. but instead of one of those, they got one of these. a consumer alert level that will remain on their page for the next three months with a link to evidence that the business tried to buy bogus reviews. >> we found all kinds of businesses trying to do this, moving companies, jeweler, tour company operator. >> reporter: and, yes, at least one of the companies was a paid advertiser which not only got slapped with a label but also lost its contract. they already weed out the 20% of all reviews believed to be
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questionable. but the new consumer alert goes one step further. in addition to educating the consumer, it sends a clear message to the businesses. >> that trying to buy fake reviews isn't going to work. it's unethical and it's probably also illegal. and we're gonna let consumers know about it. >> reporter: julie watts, cbs 5. the biggest college football event of the year happens this saturday. it's the 115th big game between rival stanford and cal. recently we discovered a cache of unedited cbs 5 videotape that captured one of the games most infamous moments, 30 years ago. dennis o'donnell remembers the play. >> it's the week of the rally for stanford and cal. it's all about the big game. but as big game moments go... >> down to the 20, he's out of the field! he's gonna go to the end zone!
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they've won! >> reporter: the year, 1982. the place? cal's memorial stadium. what happened here during the final four seconds of that game might be the most remarkable play in the history of college football. >> as soon as that play happened, you knew it was going to be remembered three years, 30 years, 300 years from now. >> reporter: and now, a startling fresh perspective. they have undercoverred a treasure trove of rarely seen videotape of what went down that day. >> it looked like a movie set. it was a packed out, packed to the gills. >> reporter: future nfl star john elway on the sidelines and in action. it also included a halftime show with mascots. ripping out a just released movie called et. then an exquisite detail, the play. >> that one play was probably seen by more people than
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anything i've ever shot before. >> reporter: covering the event, photographer al lopez and sports producer steve kroaner. >> it was a huge upset for cal to win, but it was a huge unbelievable circumstance the way cal won. >> reporter: late in the fourth quarter, a field goal put stanford up 20-19 with four seconds left to play. on the field, no. 26, kevin moen. >> everybody kind of knew we had to keep the ball alive, because there were only four seconds left. >> so we kind of went out there with no real set plan. >> reporter: also on the field... >> we were down on the field already for our postgame concert. >> reporter: and trombonist taylor thought the fame was over. >> i pretty much think it's over. but i know anything can happen. >> reporter: lopez zooms in tight. he gets the action. four cal players.
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one, two... >> rogers along the sideline. >> reporter: three. >> the ball is still loose! >> reporter: four. >> ball is out on the field! >> reporter: five times. moen who got it first got it last. >> there's only one stanford player around kevin moen but there are a lot of stanford band members around kevin moen. >> i saw this cal football player running through the end zone. next thing i knew i was down. >> reporter: the photographer caught the shot. 27 seconds later... >> it looks like a streak person who had gotten on the field. he's the first person who maybe signals touchdown, it's good. then it's just insanity. >> it became just pandemonium, which was great. >> reporter: fans mobbed the field. cal got the trophy. to this day, the play remains controversial, if not hotly
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disputed among ardent stanford fans. >> only one thing you can say. they would not die. >> reporter: after viewing our footage, they offer each other a few words of advice. >> hey, gary, if you're out on the field, gotta hit me hard. >> reporter: dennis o'donnell, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
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dennis o'donnell is live in. weather is pretty awesome outside if you like the warm stuff. mid to upper 80's out there, still very mild. all draped in orange. hope it stays that way for a few extra days. we've got temperatures right around 70 degrees in some spots. san jose, upper 60's. san francisco, humid outside, very little wind. currently 67. here's what you'll wake up to. mid to upper 50's. san jose, 55. redwood city dropping down to 54 tonight. high pressure to our north giving us an offshore wind is being shoved down to the south by this area of lower pressure.
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high pressure farther to the south, now we get the onshore flow. temperatures tomorrow, 10 or 15 degrees cooler. the weekend will be partly sunny. then next week, big changes. that low pressure area moving down into northern california. wetter weather. widespread rainfall starts on monday and likely will last three days. monday, tuesday, wednesday all looking wet. cooler tomorrow with afternoon sunshine. many of you not getting out of the 60's. then rain is back for three straight days starting monday. oakland, your high tomorrow 70's. you're going to be much cooler. san jose, 76. santa clara,77. 77 for danville. fairfield tomorrow, 82. 76 for petaluma. alameda, 71 degrees. extended forecast, partly sunny, chilly weekend. but we stay dry. can't say the same about next week. rain likely monday, tuesday and wednesday with highs only in the low to mid 60's. sports is up next.
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play-off baseball and dennis o'donnell is live in st. louis right now. dennis? >> reporter: you forgot to
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mention that it's 1:30 a.m. in st. louis right now. tomorrow night at this time, the giants will be on a plane flight back to san francisco and if they don't start hitting the baseball, the st. louis cardinals will not be joining them. tim lincecum, rough, making his first start of the postseason in game four. down 2-0 in the second. a 451-foot home run into the sea of red are, pence's first home run. lincecum gave up two in the first and was chased in the second. matt holliday shot in the center. nice job by angel pagan, but hector sanchez drops it as matt carpenter touches home. that made it 3-1. four runs and three walks. top of the sixth... st. louis tacked on a few more off the bullpen.
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serves one up to jon jay. puts this one to bed. sandoval had two home runs but it was merely window dressing. the cardinals win 8-3. the giants will have to run the table if they want to stay alive. >> no other choice. if we lose tomorrow, we go home and we're not ready for that. we can do this. we believe we can do this. we're gonna come back tomorrow and play strong. >> get a couple runs early, off tim. allow adam to settle in a little bit. a lot of times, with great pitchers like tim, if you don't get him early, he's score. >> we've had so many big games for this franchise, how disappointing would it be not to come through in this situation? >> extremely disappointing. when you don't do it, it's just -- not much farther to fall i guess. >> we'll bring it back to san francisco. >> reporter: and the yankees
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also losers to detroit. detroit going to the world series. hard to put the 49ers on the back burner. they are in a huge matchup. alex smith hoping to put that three interception game against the giants behind him. third quarter, delanie walker into the end zone. 10-6, san francisco. frank gore rushes for a season- high 131 yards. in the fourth with a 37-yard gain. 49ers up by 7. but the seahawks had the ball with 1:30 to go when aldon smith sacks russell wilson to put 'em away. they're now in sole possession at 5-and-2. >> it was going to be a do whatever it takes game. it was going to be a runaround. >> i feel that once i get in the rhythm, i can't be stopped.
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barry zito will have to save the giants' hopes tomorrow. back after this. ,,
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